“We are what we eat”

The organic farm (IMC certification) and biodynamic (Demeter certification), takes care of 20 hectares (14 agricultural and 6 forest), is WWF Oasis since 2005, specializes in biodiversity of ancient varieties of fruit and vegetables and is a small paradise immersed in nature just 40 km from Milan, can be reached by train and metro in about 50 minutes, and 20 km from Lake Como in the Montevecchia and Curone Valley in Upper Brianza.

The foods produced in the world of Galbusera Bianca are a fundamental part of his project, they constitute the original motivation. Galbusera Bianca is a biodynamic farm in Brianza / Lombardy, where the fruits of the earth cultivated by the conscious hand of man become physical and spiritual nourishment for man himself. We mainly cultivate fruit, to be transformed into juices and preserves and to be consumed in the agritourism’s organic restaurant, and then vegetables and medicinal herbs transformed into tinctures.

The biodynamic method in agriculture consists in seeking the balance of the soil, cultivated plants, animals and humans inserted in a system of cosmic forces, and all considered as living organisms that collaborate to build a harmonious universe of vital forces. The Oasis of Galbusera Bianca is a “garden to eat”, with a great attention to the forms, colors and vitality of agriculture and the landscape, with qualities of fruit and vegetables with ancient and special flavors, to be consumed both fresh and transformed into juices with high nutritional and therapeutic qualities. Since 2001 we have planted a nursery and we collect varieties of ancient fruit and vegetables, mainly autochthonous.

What is biodynamic agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture was born in 1924 in a meeting organized by hundreds of German farmers, who asked Rudolf Steiner, philosopher, researcher and founder of Anthroposophy, to work with them on emerging problems in young chemical agriculture. New points of view emerged through which to look at the phenomena of Nature and, in particular, those connected with human productive activity …

The limit and the partiality of the point of view of an agrarian science founded on the application of physico-chemical schemes emerged then strongly among the farmers, and the foundations were laid for a conception, we would say today “holistic”, of the company agricultural in relation with the surrounding environment, with the planet and, finally, with the cosmos of the planets and constellations.

Nothing is unique to itself, but it is interconnected in a complexity of relationships that go beyond the purely physical-chemical aspects. In biodynamics we speak of “Organisms”, meaning with them all those systems of living relationships that we identify in our observation not only material. A plant is a living organism like the humus-soil system, the compost, the animal, the farm, the planet, the planetary system. Recognizing these realities and operating not only following chemical-physical cause-effect thoughts, but observing them in the manner of Goethe, means experiencing a different, mobile, artistic thinking.

EHere, then, is that biodynamic agriculture is not a method, but a path that, through methods and techniques, tailored to individual cases, leads the farmer to be the creator of a company organism dense with life and diffuser of healthy and particular products vitality.
(Testo di Marco Serventi , www.agricolturabiodinamica.it)

What are the aims of biodynamic farming?

1) Increase and maintain the fertility of the earth, through the fundamental factor of humus.

2) Produce plants and animals that are not only healthy, but that have at most levels developed their typical qualities.

3) Improve the vitality of the seeds so that the plants derived from them can “dialogue” efficiently with the components of the company and planetary organism in which it is located.

4) Produce foods that strengthen the human metabolism so that the physical-soul and spiritual development of man takes place in a harmonious and healthy way …

A global vision of the life of the planet allows the biodynamic to be able to work with the mineral, vegetable and animal elements in such a way as to fit into the phenomena of Nature in a targeted and respectful way. The knowledge of mechanisms not only material, but also of the vital forces that move these mechanisms is one of the prerogatives of biodynamics, as is the overcoming of a mechanistic view of phenomena to acquire a more complex but also more founded on the use of our senses. The use of our perceptions, with biodynamic agriculture, acquires a capital importance, since the processes of nature that are typical of our company can be experimented and processed over time in an image of one’s agricultural organism with the which farmer will work by finding solutions to technical and practical problems. The application of concepts and experiences derived from the experimental approach of chemistry and laboratory physics has the limit of a single very specific point of view when it approaches a government of the forces that govern the natural and agricultural environment. Working with the forces that generate and move life cannot be determined only by the use of instruments derived from chemistry and physics. The plant and animal worlds are struggling to produce more and more life, within the Earth ecological system, when they are approached and changed only from the point of view of the mineral component, so to speak. The mineral does not determine living organisms by itself. What lives can only come from what already has life. Therefore it is necessary and it is possible to find new ways to work with plants and animals.

Biodynamic agriculture is an important attempt to govern part of nature through new tools generated by the life processes of nature itself.

Operating tools

Life in nature and on the planet is expressed through rhythms. The farmer works within them, enters the rhythms of the plants and animals of his company. But it also enters those of the earth that exhales and breathes in precise moments, as well as in the rhythms of water, light, sun, moon, planets and stars. A great complex of rhythms marks the breath of every component of our galaxy, as well as of every microorganism of the soil …

From the planets to the smallest being that operates in terrestrial life. The game of rhythms can be brought, through the work of the farmer in the company ecosystem, in favor of the production of food of the highest possible quality.

Here is the fundamental purpose of the biodynamic farmer: to produce food of the highest quality and vitality possible, so that human beings can draw healthy strength for their physical, soul and spiritual development.

The most important operational tools of the biodynamic farmer are:
– agricultural rotations
– biodynamic preparations
– composting in heaps or on surfaces
– the lunar and planetary calendar of sowing and cultivation operations
– non-destructive soil working
– quality fertilization through special green manure and fertilization with compost treated with biodynamic preparations.

The animal in the company

From what you have read so far we can deduce the importance that animals have in a biodynamic company. The effects of the presence of animals, cattle in the first place, in a company are enormously beneficial and change the balance of forces producing a strong leap in quality of the company. Only the production of manure allows to have available a precious ingredient for a fertilizer that produces humus …

Because the only way to combat the desertification taking place all over the planet is to produce humus in the land. With it the agricultural land becomes a real “skin” of the planet. A living envelope that manages to render over time the terrain capable of independence from atmospheric conditions, being a humic soil capable of retaining water and of transpiring in a sort of self-regulation as well as in the skin of animals.

The manure treated with special biodynamic preparations that directly regulate the forces that intervene in the compost and in the maturation of the organic substance, according to appropriate techniques and methods, is the main tool for increasing humus in agricultural soils. Of course, not all biodynamic companies in Italy have livestock, for various reasons. However, this does not prevent these companies from being able to organize among themselves for a sort of “network” together with those that have animals to remedy in part their incomplete nature.

One of the fundamental concepts of biodynamics is, in fact, that of a “closed circle” company, that is, of a business organization in which little or no input is made of materials and energy from the outside. A complete company organization is able to obtain from its organization almost all the means of production (seeds, fertilizers, plant protection substances, etc.), reducing to the minimum what is needed from the outside (diesel, mechanical means, etc.). ). If the socio-economic context today does not allow a company to be fully in a closed circle, it is possible to resort to a territorial collaboration between companies that as a whole can even partially remedy their single deficiency.

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