3. Be the arrow

| KEY SKILLS | Observation, cooperation, goal orientation and relationship orientation, fun and creativit

We re-awaken the archetype of the hunter, integrating the archery activity with attention to the purpose-target-intent axis, the awakening of our instinct and our ability to unite eyes, hand, belly, listening.

“Being the arrow” is focusing Intent and keeping it beyond distraction.

We will use the arc as a tool to arrive at the essence of directing our energy towards a target (a target, a client, a new job …).

We will understand how focusing is inseparable from relaxation and what it means to support an intent. We will begin to master the most formidable weapon that can be built in nature and connect it with the knowledge of our instinct.

Activities : instinctive shooting with the traditional bow, from the basics of archery technique to techniques and games of focus & relax. Fast instinct work. Teamwork, cooperation and group support.

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