2. Corporate Song

| KEY SKILLS | Creativity, listening, teamwork, empathy, time management, communication.

We will guide your group to compose their own anthem, that is, a song that translates the vision, identity, values ​​and objectives of your group and your company, or the target skills into music and words. of a training meeting or the focus objectives of a meeting.

With the help of a professional musician, the participants will quickly identify the melody and arrive in a short time to build the whole song, to then sing it and play it all together , using accompaniment percussion.

An intense and fun experience, which can then be worked on to become a real corporate anthem , to be used as a soundtrack for other moments of meetings or training, or as a soundtrack for internal or external communication initiatives of the company itself.

At the end of the experience the participants will receive audio and video of the song created.

ALTERNATIVE OPTION: instead of creating an original song, the group will work on the parody of a famous song, simply replacing the original text with a new text created by the participants based on the keywords that connote the identity of the group, the company, the objectives, the values ​​ecc

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