3. Creative treasure hunt

| KEY SKILLS | Creativity, cooperation, listening, communication, innovation, teamwork.

In this experience, participants must overcome a series of creative, ingenious and movement challenges that will put the participants in the test in terms of teamwork and cooperation .

The duration and type of challenges to be faced are pre-agreed with the client.

The trainers will then be the judges who at the end of the challenges will assign scores and decide the winner.

It will always be the customer who defines the nature of the prize for the winners, and whether they reward everyone for participating with a symbolic prize.

Some examples of challenges:

  • Wear the t-shirt upside down and recite a verse from Shakespeare starting from the last word to the first.
  • To stand in line at the jury table in order based on the day and month of growing birth (from January to December).
  • Taking pictures within half an hour – with one smartphone – an animal in the park.
  • Stage a joke .

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