1. Drum Circle

| KEY SKILLS | Listening, energy, emotion, involvement, enthusiasm, team bonding, motivational leadership, integration and appreciation of differences.

Drum Circle – The Circle of Drums is an engaging and entertaining experience in which participants play drums and percussion of all kinds together, with the facilitator’s guide helping everyone to become a true and true own percussion orchestra .

Putting your creativity into play, learning to listen and express yourself in respect of others, by integrating and valuing diversity , the group becomes in a few minutes a living model of teamwork .

The activity can also include song , body percussion , African or samba polyrhythmias , and moments of musical creation in subgroups with performance finale.

In the final Drum circle arena , the participants themselves will eventually lead the percussion orchestra, applying the simple principles of leadership and teamwork first modeled by the drum circle facilitator.

VARIANTS: short interludes energizer from 15 ‘, using body percussion, tribal singing , boomwhackers (pipes meloodici ) or other small percussion, for an energizing break within your meeting.

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