In 1999, Gaetano’s father went up to heaven and became an agricultural land and woods in Sirtori. Gaetano, who is in the midst of his life and tries to find meaning in the meaning of life, sells himself to the land he received because he was pylons of light on it, he looks right the old ruined village of Galbusera White: a small world apart from a paradise surrounded by hills but disguised as hell with mid-air suspended between the earth and the sky.
He thinks it can be a good life project for himself and his sons, Strawola and Gibi, and he designs and builds to rediscovered Paradise where “the earth feeds the man who takes care of the earth”, and starts planting old varieties of apples , pears, plums, figs, peaches, tomatoes, and various vegetables.
Galbusera Bianca was a small hamlet composed of 1 manor house, 3 farmsteads and 1 stable, already known in 1348 with the name of Valbissera. The etymology of the name is in the Latin root “Gallicus Albus Agger” (White Gallic fortifications), while the “white” distinction seems related to the cultivation of white grapes. The agricultural land is composed of 20 hectares in a hilly terraced area cultivated with vineyards and orchards, in the center of the Regional Park of Montevecchia and the Curone Valley, 40 km. north of Milan towards Lecco.
In 2005 we became the first private Oasis affiliated with the WWF Oasis system.
In 2008 the construction site for the reconstruction of the Borgo begins.
In 2013, the work ends and the doors of Paradise are opened.

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