6. Megamandala

| KEY SKILLS | Activation of lateral and creative thinking, teamwork, precision, involvement, change management.

Participants will be guided to design and implement a Mandala together , that is a geometry made with colored sands, or with natural materials found in the woods, that can symbolically interpret the assigned keywords.

These keywords may relate to the objectives of the team, its values, the cornerstones of the company or team identity, the target skills of a training course or the key concepts of the meeting.

The creative activity will be “enlivened” by a series of unexpected events , created ad hoc by the trainers, to allow the participants to get involved on the fronts of management of change, of unexpected, of cooperation and teamwork versus individual work, planning and improvisation . & nbsp; & nbsp;

Mandalas can be made in such a way that they can also be subsequently transported to the company and used to decorate workplaces, in memory of the experience made together.

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