2. Nature immersion

| KEY SKILLS | Stress management, wellness, exploration, creativity, relaxation, regeneration.

A full immersion in nature, between woods and hills around the Oasis, rediscovering one’s connection with oneself, with the team, and with nature.

In this format, you can find activities that are also very different, which we will design tailored for you, based on the goals of your team building and the characteristics of the participants.

Walk to the discovery of the territory and its ecology (lean meadows, petrifying springs, hidden pyramids), recognition of the use of edible wild herbs, orienteering, creative treasure hunt, torrent crossing and geocaching, rock painting, natural mandala, wild cooking, but also moments of mindfulness, stretching and meditation in nature: you tell us what you prefer, and we think of everything else.

Result: a rejuvenating experience, dedicated to well-being in connection with nature.

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