First private Italian Oasis to have been affiliated in 2005 with the Oasis of WWF Italy , the Oasis for Biodiversity of Galbusera Bianca is a small jewel of hills cultivated inside of the Site of Community Interest “Valle S. Croce – Valle del Curone”, located in turn in the Regional Park of Montevecchia and the Curone Valley in south-eastern Brianza in Lombardy.
The center and heart of the oasis is the organic biodynamic farm, which covers about 20 hectares, of which 14 are agricultural and 6 are wooded.

Galbusera Bianca has chosen to specialize in biodiversity and its agricultural lands host a great wealth of collections of ancient varieties in danger of extinction: apples, pears, plums, figs, peaches, tomatoes … and then vegetables, medicinal herbs, flowers to eat. Since 1999 we have been entrusting ideas, plants and seeds to the earth to make this oasis a special place where nature can preserve its harmony.
The variety of the morphology of the Oasis terrain and the articulation of exposures and substrates have given rise to a remarkable diversity of environments and to a great wealth of fauna and flora. There are 3 Sites of Community Interest (SCI) protected by the European Community: petrifying springs, lean meadows and hygrophilous woods.
The habitat of the petrifying springs consists of streams with constant presence of running water, in which travertinization phenomena occur . The habitat of the lean meadows is a seminatural prative environment extremely rich in thermophilic plant species linked to a type substrate calcareous; among the many species that appear in these environments, several orchids stand out. The habitat of the hygrophilous woods of black alder is composed of woods that grow on land with water stagnation phenomena for a long time.


The Galbusera Bianca WWF Oasis for Biodiversity is open to visitors all year round by individuals, groups and schools. From the farmhouse you go up the hill with visit to the lean lawn and the collections of apricots, pears and olives, and to the rows of vines, with examples of vines marinated in peaches and plums . Go down through ancient variety paths, up to the petrifying spring and to the hygrophilous wood , continue in the educational gardens of the schools and go up to the farmhouse through the woods. The visit lasts about 1 hour and a half along a medium difficulty route and can be combined with a lunch at the bio restaurant of the agriturismo.

Visiting hours and days
– every Sunday at 3.00 pm from April to October by reservation (weather permitting)
– all year upon request and by reservation for groups and schools minimum 10 people

For guests staying at the agriturismo, visits also during the week; please contact the Oasis staff on arrival to arrange a day and time for the visit
Cost of the visit
– adults € 10
– children up to 11.99 years free
The visit is free for WWF members

Rules to respect during the visit

In the Oasis it is forbidden any activity that could cause damage to the flora and fauna present; moreover it is forbidden to tamper with structures and equipment in the area, produce unnecessary sounds or noises, light fires and alter the environment. In particular it is forbidden
– pick flowers, plants and fruits
– walk off the marked paths
– climb and / or hang from tree branches
– playing soccer
– leave the dogs free without a leash

The visit will take place for groups accompanied by authorized personnel and will follow a pre-established itinerary that must be respected by the public; the staff of the Oasis of Galbusera Bianca is, reluctantly, authorized to remove people who disturb the animals or damage the flora, the environment and the equipment in the area.

Please also note that
– visitors’ cars will only be able to park in the special car parks
– photo shoots or movies are allowed only for amateur purposes
– children are admitted only if accompanied by an adult
– dogs are only allowed on a leash
– we recommend wearing boots with a treaded sole
– booking is required for lunch at the restaurant.

For information or reservations call 039 570351 or send an email

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