2. Photography and Haiku

| KEY SKILLS | Activation of lateral and creative thinking, commitment and personal engagement, cooperation and integration.

We simplistically define haiku as a short poetic composition of 17 syllables , in which there is always a reference to nature ( kigo 季 語 or “word of the season”) , a mood and a surprising reversal ( kireji 切 れ 字, “cutting word”).

In this format we then combine photographic safari with creative writing , with the goal of moving creative resources deep of the participants, facilitating synthesis of thinking that condenses a goal , a target skill, learning that is crucial for professional and organizational life.

Starting from the sensory research in the woods , which translates into a photographic shot, we build together that sense , that set of meanings which then becomes < b> management of effective team and individual performance.

At the end, the participants will be guided to create a suggestive presentation of photos, haikus and music , of which will then be left a copy to everyone, in memory of what has been done together .

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