1. Photosafari and photo contest

| KEY SKILLS | Creativity, commitment and personal engagement, approach between personal and corporate vision, team bonding.

In this experience we join the photographic treasure hunt (inside the Park) with the photo contest .

Divided into subgroups, each team will have to hunt for themed photo shoots and for different categories (selfie, still life, symbolic image, etc.). & nbsp;

The themes are agreed with the client based on the key words that characterize the group’s identity, the company’s values, the objectives of a meeting and so on. These themes can also be agreed directly with the team on arrival.

Before starting the photographic treasure hunt, a professional photojournalist will provide teams with simple and clear indications to incorporate the basic rules of smartphone photography into the shots.

A way to develop teamwork through the creativity of an art that, today, is the undisputed protagonist of contemporaneity.

At the end of the experience the participants will have the complete presentation of the photos, an indelible memory of the experience together and of shared emotions.

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