Double Classic | 2 people

This is the room of the absolute celebration of diversity, of the explosion of the unusual and extraordinary. Every object is a surprise. It has a beauty in itself, it is the world of children who are amazed at everything. A circus, an imaginative place, a fairy tale.

This is the room of silence. Listening. Breath. Beyond every word. You immerse yourself in the stillness of peace. You sit on your deep self. You expand and fly in an infinite space without space and without time. The flight of the soul. Celebration of the essence of the body.

Double Deluxe | 2 people

When I enter this room the smell of vibrant nature enters my nose, my body, my veins. This is a room that must be felt, touched, smelled. It’s winding, simplicity. There is the scent of hay in which one wants to roll with the beloved. It is a place to live.

This is the room for a couple in love. Because in here there is passion, love, intimacy, sublimity, beauty. And it is full of peonies, fleshy, sensual, vermilion, yellowish or candidly white, light, pale. It is welcoming, voluptuous, enveloping.

Triple Superior | 3 people

This room reminds that part of the human spirit that everyone must forge. Like iron, a rite of passage, an initiation, the child who becomes man, the beauty of the outdated tests, the capacity of every person to transform even the most angular and rigid aspects of life into beauty.

“In vino veritas” Barrels, demijohns, bottles, drawings of grapes, the spirit and secrets handed down by medieval monks and the vision of the rows of vines that lead to the church in the fields. The colors of the room and the story of the flavor that surprises and persists.

Junior Suite | 2/4persone

This is the room of the eternal movement, of being cradled by time, of the impossibility of staying still. It was born as the Room of the Universal Oscillation, a place in continuous evolution, hanging by a thread, like the bed attached to ropes.

This room is all made of wood, original material, living, in continuous transformation, which can be infinitely recycled. A large, familiar, collective room. You sleep in the beams that come from the roof of the old farmhouse.

In this room comes the desire to cultivate the soul, a conciliatory, pacifying room in which one feels good. The patient waiting room that brings tranquility, the room of those who think and cultivate the garden. And the garden is a space of nature that reflects the world, a small world of vitality, of order, of love.

Suite | 2/5 people

Old rose and green grass. There is the bed where I slept as a child who remembers all the emotions of my various families and adventures. There is a bathroom with mosaic tiles. There is the air of home, the air of China and Shanghai where the mother was born, there is a mixture of East and West.

Memories of journeys, photographs of caravans of elephants, deserts, transport boats, stormy seas. Exotic objects and old skis, photos of explorers of the early twentieth century, contamination of paths, different eras. And many trunks of my grandparents. The suitcases here say that a journey has yet to begin.

Apartment | up to 6 people

There is a light air in here, everything is natural color of light earth and sand, the ceilings are very high, the rooms are too essential with the furniture made of old boxes and the closets rediscovered in the attic. Color of the earth that keeps us and hosts us on our journey.

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