3. Social Cooking

| KEY SKILLS | Creativity, conviviality, sharing, teamwork, resource management, innovation, sustainability.

The most suitable description for this experience is: it is not the usual team cooking!

It is in fact an original and unique variation of the classic cooking in which we cook together, and lends itself to be made also by very numerous teams, all together simultaneously, outdoors in the meadow if the weather permits or indoor in case of bad weather.

This format was conceived by a researcher participating in the “Vegetable Future” Master of the University of Florence, and involves all participants in an experience in which cooking together becomes an action of collective intelligence.

Fun, engaging and surprising, this activity requires participants to cook by sharing utensils, creatively designing dishes to avoid waste, managing time and tools with creativity and ingenuity, training cooperation and negotiating, respecting innovation of the raw material and some healthy cooking rules that the trainers will share with the participants.

Fun, sharing, creativity, dialectics between abundance and scarcity, resource management: the key themes of this experience, which ends as always, of course, eating together.

But with a different satisfaction, fuller and more enjoyed, compared to the usual cooking!

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