1. Team games

| KEY SKILLS | Courage, cooperation, negotiation, responsibility, problem solving, listening, observation, collective intelligence, leadership and teamwork.

In this playful and adventurous laboratory you will challenge yourself with fun and slightly challenging games, which will allow you to physically and emotionally activate yourself, through learning games aimed at demonstrate the principles of effective teamwork .

A suite of group games with a background sports, or of a strategic nature, or still focused on problem solving and the resolution of puzzles, that will make your participants experience an engaging and compelling experience, in which to activate all their own resources physical, emotional and cognitive .

The focus is on development of capacity of teamwork , transforming the competition into cooperation.

The combinations are practically endless, and the degree of physical and bodily engagement is custom designed for each group, based on age, roles, mix of men and women, expectations and degree of difficulty of the challenges in which you want to involve the participants, in order to ensure maximum accessibility for all.

The reflections downstream of the experience will allow participants to ask themselves about their relationship with others , with seemingly “impossible” objectives, observing the way in which these objectives can be brought closer to the sphere feasibility, leaving the comfort zone and activating threshold resources and skills, engaging in complex problems with curiosity in problem solving, activating cooperation, negotiation, leadership and motivation.

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