5. Theater and Clown

| KEY SKILLS | Trust, lateral thinking, creativity, unexpected management, fluidity, change management.

The clown trains you to develop trust , in yourself and in the team, to broaden your gaze , to believe in the impossible , to reverse the situations by training imagination and creativity together with the ability to react to unexpected situations and to know how to flow with change .

In this playful and creative laboratory you will put yourself to the test with fun and slightly challenging games , to share and overcome situations of slight embarrassment, face and solve difficulties together seemingly insurmountable, finding original, fun and creative solutions.

You will be called to collaborate , learn from the mistakes of others, love mistakes and failures as an inexhaustible source of new ideas and improvement.

Observation and practice will help you have new points of view on habitual situations.

The reflections downstream of the experience will allow participants to ask themselves about their relationship with risk , with seemingly “impossible” goals, observing the way in which these objectives can be brought closer to the sphere of feasibility, exiting the comfort zone and activating resources and threshold competencies , engaging with curiosity in problem solving of complex situations, activating cooperation , trust and motivation .

The training provides a path of discovery and re-appropriation of spontaneous attitudes and of one’s own creativity free from prejudice, through theatrical experiences based on body language and empathy.

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