1. To the Earth at the Table: Bio

| KEY SKILLS | Sensory activation, time management, resources and procedural rules, cooperation and communication.

Bringing your group to the Oasis Galbusera Bianca is a sensory experience that begins with the look and the hearing, bewitched by the silence and the magic of the woods of the Curone valley, and culminates in delights of palate and of smell , regaining the pleasure of a food with an ancient flavor, true, authentic.

Your group will go to go shopping in the orchards and orchards of the Oasis , grown with the organic and biodynamic method >, will be guided in a path of sensory appreciation, and of designing the menu in respecting the rhythms of nature and the seasonal cycle.

Under the pretext of cooking together, and through a series of exciting “ unforeseen events” and challenges , your group will discover the importance of cooperation , of the efficient use of resources , of mutual communication and of listening . < / span>

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