3. Tribe Song

| KEY SKILLS | Personal engagement, creativity, getting involved, leadership, participation, integration, passion, inspiration.

Singing is a way of communicating, expressing oneself and being creative. Knowing how to use one’s voice effectively is undoubtedly the most powerful leadership exercise.

With the voice we bring our inner power to others, and how we use the voice is a mirror of how we use our personal power.

Through a theatrical vocal training combined with the engaging and exciting experience of circle singing, participants will make a full immersion in the power of their own voice, using it as a tool for self-knowledge and for developing their leadership and teamwork skills.

The circle singing is in fact a choral singing experience, based on participation, mutual listening, the harmonization of differences and the tuning of the group on frequencies different but mutually constructive. A great metaphor that allows the group to understand how to build together an exceptional result.

In the circle singing the singers are arranged in a circle around the conductor who orchestrates the voices and facilitates the expression, involvement and enjoyment of everyone .

At the end of a Circle Singing experience, people feel regenerated, light, free and vital, with a strong sense of TOGETHER.

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