2. Wild Cooking

| KEY SKILLS | Sensory activation, connection with nature, creativity, curiosity, discovery, cooperation and communication.

Would you like to discover the thousands of recipes that you can make using only erbe , flowers, fruits and other edible foods that grow spontaneously on the lawn of the Montevecchia and Valle del Parco Curone? If the answer is yes, this is the experience for you!

With the help of an expert from Wild Food and Wild Foraging , we will discover the thousand gastronomic secrets of our lawns, which our grandmothers perhaps still knew, revitalizing our connection with nature and discovering the wild goodness that our land preserves, with a treasure hunt full of surprises.

At the end of the cooking experience, participants will transform the wild foods found in the meadows around the Oasis, cooking them together in our kitchen, or learning to set up a rudimentary outdoor kitchen using only natural materials found in the woods, for awaken your & nbsp; more ancestral nature.

You can then enjoy how much cooked in the air open (if the weather permits, in the warm season), under our gazebos, maybe barefoot, for an experience even more original and original.

THE IDEA IN MORE: make this experience special and magical, learning to light the fire without a flame, with our Fire Master, an expert on bushcraft e survival.

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